Friday, August 4, 2006

Long Fork, Johnson Co.,KY Schoolhouse

Here is a picture of the Long Fork, Johnson County, Kentucky, schoolhouse
when it was moved . It is in the Magoffin County Pioneer Village where Todd Preston was kind enough to take it and preserve it. I was so pleased that it didn't just fall down and rot away. They have made a few changes to it. There was never a steeple on it. But it was originally used as a United Baptist Church and a school house.
The porch was never on the school either. It was pretty much a box...but I loved that school more than I could was symbolic of Long Fork for me. I played it in the summer time and I was, of course, the teacher :-) and I went to school there in the fall and winter. When we moved away...I had a terrible time adjusting to larger schools with more kids than the few in the one room school. Whew...I really missed home.

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