Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Polly Beard #2

Polly Beard (photo taken ca. 1959). As far as I know, she never offered
any information on what the family history was, but she emphatically denied
any Indian heritage. Although she seemed to have Native American features,
she had brown hair and extraordinary green eyes


Perry Jackson Beard #2

This is a photo of Uncle Jack taken a few years before he passed away.
According to him. he thought he was Irish or something. Definitely not
Indian. You can't tell from the photo, but his eyes were almost aquamarine.


Perry Jackson Beard

This was my grandmother's younger brother, Perry Jackson "Jack" Beard. Born
1923 in Angelina Co, Tx and died abt 1996 in Lafayette, La. This was taken
when he was about 10-12 yrs. old. To paraphrase someone from the list, this
was a closed-mouth family. As far as I know, none of that family ever
shared with their children about where the family was "from". The only
thing that he and my grandmother were adament about was that they were NOT
part Indian.


Pauline Beard

My maternal grandmother, Alice Pauline "Polly" Beard was born June 6,
1917 and died Mar. 21, 1968. She was the daughter of Joseph Jeffries Beard
and Alice Thorne Hanks. This picture was taken shortly after her marriage
in 1933.

William L. Goins, Jr.

Terri's father

Charlie & Nancy Goin's family

This family picture
is of ten of the children of Charlie and Nancy Goins. From left- My Grandfather Lowery, Harry and Charlie Jr., Arnold, Gordon, Paul and Lloyd. Viola , Lassie and Almeda. Grandma Nancy is front and center.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Charlie (Samuel) and Nancy Goins

Charlie and Nancy Goins
are from Graysville,Tn. He was born there in 1875, and he died there in 1938.
He was the son of James L.Goins, who was the son of Granville Goins.
Nancy died in SanDiego, California after moving there next to my grandfather, Lowery, after my great-grandfather,Charlie, died. Terri

Monday, May 29, 2006

Gordon Goins

This is a picture of my great-uncle Gordon Goins. He was my Grandfather Lowery's brother. I lived with him and his family in Chattanooga for a little while when I was around twelve years old.


William Lowery Goins, SR

This is a picture of my grandfather, William L.Goins Sr. taken on one of the picture postcards they had available at that time.He was born Nov., 1900, and died May, 1974.


Cynthia McGill

Cynthia McGill was married to Carter Goins, Jr., son of Carter Goins, son of Laborn Goins of Virginia. Laborn was the son of Shadrack Going of Virginia.

She was the mother of Vandola, Jefferson, Francis Marion, Minerva and William Goins. Most of them were on the Guion roll. According to census records she would have been born around 1840.

Carter was supposedly the brother of Granville, my Great- Great Great grandfather.


Sunday, May 28, 2006

Eva Z. Laxton

My mother, Eva Z.Laxton b.7 Jan 1929 Asco WV

d. 27 Jan 1994 Welch WV.

married James J.Carter.

Mom is of Laxton, Collins, Fairchild, McComas lines.

Bessie COLLINS & Thomas Manley LAXTON

Bessie Collins and Thomas Manley Laxton were married in
March of 1925.

Thomas was b.17 April 1892 in Wyoming Co WV

He d.11 Oct 1951 in Davy WV, in a mining accident.

These are my grandparents.

Bessie Collins Laxton & Granny Sizemore, her friend

This picture was taken in the 1950's of My Gram (Bessie Collins Laxton) and her dear friend, Granny Sizmore, in Asco Hollow WV.

Bessie, Howard, Cuba COLLINS

Bessie-Howard-Cuba Collins
Bessie b.1908 d.1989-

Howard b.1915 d.1917-

Cuba b.28
Feb 1911 WV d.10 Nov 2004 Wilm.De.

Ann -

Vergie, Mae and Bessie COLLINS

Vergie Collins Grubb b.1925 WV...:

Mae Collins Wooten b.1920 d.Elkton Md....

Bessie Collins Laxton b.18 Dec 1908 Jhn Co Ky d.18 Nov 1989 McDowell Co WV.

Bessis is the Grandmother of Ann and her g-Aunts were Vergie and Mae.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

George COLLINS, b. 1887 & son Howard


b.25 Oct 1887 Flat Gap Jhn Co Ky
d.26 April 1953 McDowell Co WV

and son Howard b.19 July 1915 d.1917 Asco WV.

George married Maggie Fairchild

6 Feb 1908 Jhn Co Ky.

George is the great grandfather of Ann -