Saturday, August 5, 2006

COLLINS/MURRAY - Long Fork, Johnson Co.,KY

The oldest picture I have from my family is this one. It was taken about 1930. You can see the schoolhouse in the background. It had clapboard on it at the time of this photo. I believe it was yellow and white when my grandfather (the younger man to the left in the picture shooting the gun) taught there. His name was Powel (one L) Jackson Collins. He was a business man and a school teacher. He married Adela "Murray" . The older man to the right in the picture is Great Granddad William Henry Murray.
I like this picture because of the school house and my grandfather and great grandfather. It is hard for me to call Powel Jackson, Papaw/Grandfather because he died so young. He died February 19, 1935, of what was probably a brain tumor. He died at the old Paintsville, Kentucky, Hospital.
My great grandfather W.H. "Billy" Murray was from Burning Springs, Clay County, Kentucky. He was born February 1, 1867 and died August 17, 1958, in Oxford, Ohio.
Look how parallel their guns are. There were at least two dead squirrel up on that hill across the creek when they lowered those weapons.

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