Thursday, June 1, 2006

Mary Elizabeth Hager and Alie Sparks w/ Edgar

My paternal grandmother with her husband Alie and first born child, James Edgar Sparks. I think she was beautiful and my sister Peggy looked a lot like her.
Lizzie Hager, as she was known, was a daughter of James Morgan Hager and Mary Arminta Musick. Minta's parents were Mary Collins and Abe Musick. I believe this Musick line and the Collins were of Melungeon descent.
Alie had the most beautiful ice blue eyes I think I have ever seen. Mary Elizabeth's eyes were so dark a brown that they looked black. My father said that as a child he watched his mother drying her hair in the sunshine and that it glistened like a raven's wing. Her skin tones were a medium olive color.
Descendants of James Morgan Hager

1 James Morgan Hager b: 17 Jul 1859 in Floyd Co., Ky. d: 06 May 1923 in Prestonsburg, Ky Sex: Male
.. +Mary Arminta Musick b: 16 Oct 1865 in Johnson Co. Ky m: 02 Dec 1878 in White House, Johnson, Ky. d: 16 Oct 1948 in Paintsville, Johnson Co. Ky. Sex: Female Father: Abraham Musick Mother: Mary Collins
. 2 Jeremiah Walter Hager b: 03 Oct 1879 Sex: Male
..... +Marcella Tygart Sex: Female
. 2 Mary Elizabeth Hager b: 12 Nov 1881 in Lawrence Co., Ky. d: 09 Dec 1963 in Ashland, Ky Sex: Female
..... +Alie Sparks b: 22 Feb 1879 in Pike Co., Ky. m: 01 Mar 1900 in Eliza, Johnson Co., Ky. d: 28 Apr 1957 in Huntington, Cabell, WVa. Sex: Male Father: William Greenville Sparks Mother: Pricie Smith
. 2 Sarah Catherine Hager b: 13 Jan 1884 in Whitehouse, Johnson Co., KY d: 14 May 1967 in Paintsville, Johnson County, KY Sex: Female
..... +Samuel M. Meade b: 21 Jul 1875 in Boyd Co., Ky m: 1899 in Lawrence County, Kentucky d: 02 May 1968 in Whitehouse, Johnson Co., KY Sex: Male Father: Thomas Frelon Meade Mother: Syrecia Davis
. 2 Lydia Margaret Hager b: 13 Nov 1885 d: 19 Feb 1977 Sex: Female
..... +Richard Aaron Salmons b: 1885 in Pidgeon Roost, KY d: 1933 in Pidgeon Roost, KY Sex: Male
. 2 Francis Marion Hager b: 29 Dec 1887 d: 1923 Sex: Male
..... +Lula Hale b: Sep 1894 d: 01 Jul 1927 Sex: Female Father: John Emery Hale Mother: Eliza Perry
. 2 J. Morgan Hager b: 25 Feb 1890 d: 04 Jun 1961 Sex: Male
..... +Myra b: 03 Jul 1898 Sex: Female
. 2 William Ira Hager b: 30 Sep 1892 in White House, Johnson Co., KY d: 17 Jan 1974 in McDowell, Johnson Co., KY Sex: Male
..... +Nora A Selvage Sex: Female
. *2nd Wife of William Ira Hager:
..... +Sadie Hall Sex: Female
. 2 Robert L. Hager b: 29 Oct 1896 d: 02 Dec 1983 Sex: Male
. 2 John S. Hager b: 13 Jun 1899 Sex: Male
..... +Emmajean Riggs Sex: Female

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