Thursday, June 1, 2006

John Grills

John Grills (my great grandfather), was the son of Hiram Grills and Sally Jones.
However there is a family story that he was really the son of Dave Blevins
- but at age 6 months he was in the household of Hiram , listed as his

John was born in 1869 and died in 1948 in Harlan County, KY.

He was part Cherokee.
He married Fannie Crider. The child on his lap is Rose (Roosevelt was his
full name) - he was the son of John Grills and John's step-daughter, Mary.
What is interesting about this picture is that if you look to the right of
John's head and above the stone, there appears to be a ghostly Indian in
the picture. I had not seen this before I zoomed it bigger. It jumped out
at me and gave me chills all over. The place this was taken was near Jones
Creek in Harlan County was once a Cherokee Camp.


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